To soil or piss oneself
1. Dan was so drunk he swamped himself

2. Just swamped me sen!
by Adam Windle April 8, 2008
Anal after 5 chipotle meals and the shit starts seeping.
I was swamping with my girl after five chipotle dinners when the shit started to curdle
by Master of chundy August 29, 2019
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium,home field of the university's Florida Gators football team
the swampswampgainesville swampufu of fgatorsflorida gators
by gatorrade August 17, 2011
One of the many projects in San Francisco, also known as Sunnydale.
A.K.A: Swampy Desert
The Dale
Hey my nigga, you know them beezys from "The Swamp"?
by Swamper415 June 16, 2006
When you're gasping for a reason to not do something... Feverishly digging through your emails, but no one has sent you an email in a week... You might to have attend a meeting at work,.. But no. No you don't... Because you're officially swamped.

Your relatives invited you to a reunion but you're on staycation for the next two week but you won't make it because you're simply swamped.
Thanks for inviting me your baby shower, but I can't make it because my hectic schedule has me swamped.
by Xtb July 15, 2019
The collective group of hoes in a particular area, such as a school, church, college, etc..
You went on a date with Starquisha? She's part of the swamp!
by StuffedDonut July 5, 2018
When Shrek smokes you out, after which you are trapped hanging out with him for the rest of the day putting up with his shitty driving, and listening to his shitty music.
"Yeah Shrek smoked me out the other day, but I ended up swamped afterwards. His weed sucked too."
by Dick Berman October 30, 2013