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When you shove your green painted cock in a wet vagina and scream: "This is my swamp now".
I'm not welcome anymore at my girlfriends place ever since her parents saw me swamping there daughter.
by Profes December 23, 2017
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Anal after 5 chipotle meals and the shit starts seeping.
I was swamping with my girl after five chipotle dinners when the shit started to curdle
by Master of chundy August 28, 2019
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swamping defines everything you do when your really off tap.

when you get off guts on crackers or billies and your going to do something. then your going to be swamping... as in swamped from being so wasted. struggling to handle everything.
also used to freak people out when smoking billies.
B1: *smashes a billy* i am gonna go down to the quix and get an icey....
B2: man.. you will be swamping hardcore if you go.
B1: yeah well, once a swamper, always a swamper.
B2: thats it, swampin 24/7 baby woooooooooooh.
by acid101 February 11, 2009
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Like fisting, except with your foot.
Yo that bitch last night was a FREAK! After fisting her with both hands she wanted to get swamped!


Yeah, swamping! It's when you put your foot in someone's ass. It's the shit...literally!

Fuckin gross bro.
by Esko2 February 07, 2010
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The deliberate act of defecating in your pants when you don't have access to a toilet.
I couldn't be bothered to pull over for a shit so I just up swamping until I got to the Motel.
by Andrew D Farrar January 27, 2017
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Digging up old post on message boards or bbs systems and replying to them.

Digging up old emails and replying / forwarding them

Digging for dirt on somebody on the internet
Dude, you where swamping when you found this post; it's so old half the people mentioned are dead now.
by Spewmonkey May 03, 2010
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