my swamp means that is THEIR crib, THEIR house, THEIR territory, man.
by glitchyra September 9, 2018
When Shrek grabs you and puts you on your knees and makes love to your anus.
Shrek whispered into my ear "This is my Swamp."
by Zajing August 30, 2019
it means that you should get out of shrecks fucking swamp before he rapes you dog
by BRUH.MP4 September 4, 2019
when you want someone to leave you in your room alone.

your room is your swamp, man.
Mom: "what are you doing in here"
Frank: "MOM! get out of my swamp!"
by BenjaminsLeftNipple February 6, 2018
A layered way of telling someone to remove themselves from your presence, especially if they are in your personal space
Francine: hey Matthew, want to have a long conversation about that thing I'm really interested in but you just don't give a damn about?
Matthew: get out of my swamp, Francine
by Isaac42 November 14, 2020
When someone enters your house without your permission and you are a big fan of shrek...
Who also hates people entering their swamp without permission.
Guy: I'm gonna enter his house at night, hehehe...
*Guy gets caught by house owner*
House Owner: What are you doing in MY SWAMP?
by Gary Melgomen February 21, 2018