v. - The act of having anal intercourse with someone who has recently consumed very spicy food. First coined in late 2006, the term "heatwave" refers to the warming sensation on one's penis during and after the act.
"He picked up a couple of hot chicks at Taco Bell and pulled a heatwave on them."

"Extra-spicy pad thai and I heatwaved her something crazy."
by A. Nichols, J. Vose October 13, 2006
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The ancient process of removing the contents of a backpack, turning the bag inside out, re-filling it with its contents, then waiting to watch the expression of confusion/disbelief on the bag-owner's face when they see what some loser did to their bag. However, it is thoroughly amusing.

The term was derived by the appearance of a "heatwaved" bag, which looks like a Dominos Pizza delivery bag.

Made famous by the thayer academy class of '07, particularly Artie and Slider.
"Fucking Cock!!! I got heatwaved again and my name is Cathal"
by Arrbear December 31, 2005
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Sumone that gay ass fags do at Thayer
Dammit they really heatwaved ur bag
by Kevin March 26, 2004
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a fan fiction about Minecraft YouTubers, Dream and GeorgeNotFound. The story is about them falling in love and making romantic and sexual gestures towards eachother.

Both Dream and George have read it, but they don’t seem too bothered by it.
Person #1 - What’s your favorite fanfiction?
Person #2 - Heatwaves, it’s about Dream and GeorgeNotFound!
by KingPoke December 30, 2021
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Heatwaves is a song that is a origin of a Florida person’s AC is broken but also a song for a ship name known as ‘Dreamnotfound’ a popular ship name in the mcyt fandom. (Some may heard of it some don’t)
“Hey! Have you ever heard of this song called heatwaves?”
“I sure did, it’s a good bop!”
“well I just came across this saying that is a dreamnotfound song?”
“Oh that ship? It’s a actual thing and you should probably get into one day”
by QT_bee0wU December 30, 2021
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when you feel some type of embarrassment either for yourself or secondhand embarrassment for somebody else or a situation that you feel a sudden sense of heat rush through your whole body as you turn red also known as the most extreme feeling of embarrassment possible...
Did you see Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMAs??

Yeah I saw it that shit gave me major heatwaves.
by Lucifuck666 August 29, 2020
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so when a gogy and a dream love each other very much-
SoMeTiMeS aLL i tHinK AboUT Is YoUuU

genuinely though, the majority of the time if someones talking about heatwaves its code for dreamnotfound... because theres a fanfic... based off the song... mhm cool cool cool no doubt no doubt
“i burn you?” “you melt me~” heatwaves innit
by Beepiss April 10, 2021
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