The act of chugging a three liter soft drink and immediately afterward showering your partner with your carbonated urine
R. Kelly soda fountain
by TeamChief January 16, 2014
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Urinating in your partners anus during anal sex, then your partner squats on your face and expels the urine on your face
The Denver Soda Fountain is popular at Rocky Mountain Party Celebrations
by Gary the Fairy October 1, 2013
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Popular fraternity hazing ritual where seniors stand in a line and drop pants. The new guy is expected to blow them all. They pee in his mouth, hence the name "Polish Soda Fountain".
The new guy was excited to join Delta Tau Chi but didn't expect the Polish Soda Fountain to leave such a bad taste in his mouth.
by Bugsy McDingle November 24, 2012
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A synonime for standard extra large 11 inch dildo.
Oh boy i'm gonna stuck this Cherry soda fountain up my ass.
by NotSolden January 7, 2022
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Watered down soda dispensed from self-serve machines found in fast food restaurants. Tastes crappy.
Ugh, this soda tastes gross. Are you sure this isn't fountain soda?
by Tisteca February 26, 2007
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while a male is going down on a female, she pisses into his mouth and then he forcefully spits it back up inside of her, creating a soda like effect.
i just couldn't hold it in, so it was fountain soda time.
by memphisto December 3, 2003
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