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It's pretty much, looking good all the time, hitting on the ladies and just having a good time. Just being cool!
I'm swagging up the club looking for a Swaggette
by Swaggette28 February 07, 2011
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Swagging, the motion of which you do sexual actions. Swagging while dancing of doggy styling/dry humping a girl from the back in a rhythmic motion. Swagging by yourself is the motion of which a guy masturbates, in this he preforms in a rhythmic motion also.
Yo i was swagging that girl so hard yesterday on the dance floor.
by y.ang November 29, 2009
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swagging: the cocky behavior of someone who is riding high with self-confidence - especially as it spills into wild and crazy sex.
My boyfriend was riding so high after dinner with the boss that as soon as the boss left, he grabbed me and kissed me like that famous V-J Day kiss. He was swagging from the bar to the dance floor all night long. It was the best sex of my life.
by crivers February 01, 2008
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When you doing something amazing, such as winning something so badly, that you have more swag just for doing it.

Can also be used as an adverb. (Swaggingly)
The Yankees were Swagging so hard yesterday against the Red Sox!
Eminem was Swaggingly amazing at his concert last night!
by Sensei Swag January 21, 2012
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