1. (internet) The email folder where incoming mail arrives.

2. (at the table) The mouth.

3. (in bed) The vagina.
Check your inbox. You have mail.
by Downstrike May 29, 2004
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transitioning from the popular sexual terminology coined by the construction industry (ie. nailed, screwed, hammered, banged etc), hi-tech nerds have one of their own:

a reference to a woman's vagina
Doomf8One: "Did you pass Doom level 41 last night?"
hellaUCLA: "I didn't play- I was at my girlfriend's place last night and her Mac sucks!"
Doomf8One: "ROFL! That's lame"
hellaUCLA: "It was cool- I was in her inbox all night instead!"
by dr. mambo August 3, 2005
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An email specific phenomenon where an email goes unviewed and is hence not responded to, due to it's place in the line of review slipping further and further down as a result of new incomming emails.

Often used as a semmingly infalible excuse for not responsing to an email.
Dude I'm so sorry I did not get back to you. Your email about attending your hamster's burial service must have gotten inboxed.
by ronsheridan August 11, 2006
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A combat "sport" where two participants, generally of similar intellectual weight, fight each other via an e-mail exchange. Inboxing typically involves a series of one-to-one e-mail exchanges (called "rounds"); however, a popular and successful tactic is for one participant to fire off a "combination" of back-to-back e-mails before their opponent has time to respond to the first message. Victory is achieved if the opponent is knocked down emotionally and unable to get up (a Knockout or KO), or if the opponent's Inbox is deemed too overwhelmed to continue (a Technical Knockout, or TKO). If there is no stoppage of the fight before an agreed number of rounds, a winner is determined by judges' (those CC'd on the e-mail exchange) scorecards.
After several rounds of inboxing with her co-workers, Emily finally had agreement on the format for the marketing presentation.
by cruvdog March 15, 2009
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Inbox can be used as a verb, mostly on Facebook. To inbox someone is to send them a message to their message inbox - simple as it sounds.
On Facebook wall posts

Person 1 "Why is my life so awful?!"
Person 2 "What's the matter hun?"
Person 1 "I can't say on here, I'll inbox you"
by Urbananas April 21, 2010
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That overwhelming feeling you get when your inbox is overflowing with emails that have to be read. Similar to intoxication.
James returned from work from a three day weekend and quickly showed signs of inboxication from all the emails he had to answer.
by P Dennis Panz April 17, 2017
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Following discussions that pussywhipped is not the same as dickmatised we wanted something to describe this feeling. Much like being dickmatised by someone with a penis, a person could also fall hard for someone with a vagina (box is colloquial slang)

So there you go. Close second and shout out to my other idea Flaptivated.
Patrick hasn't been hanging with the boys much lately, he is totally inboxicated by his new woman, we haven't even seen them for days.
by Miss BT7 February 18, 2022
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