A wrong way of abbreviating the words "as fuck", the right one being "af" (or "a.f./AF/A.F").
1: That dude wrote that he was "hungry asf", but how can you write an abbreviation which contains one of the abbreviated words, not abbreviated?

2: Man, he should go back to school, his grammar's bad af.
by prettydamnfly February 16, 2016
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another aave word tiktok has normalized saying
person 1: period asf
person 2: stfu stupid bitch
by guapo 🙄🤞🏻 May 23, 2021
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I need to cuddle with someone right now because I am cold asf!!
by dmruso November 25, 2010
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it stands for as fuck

slang word often used in text messages or any other messaging device.
''asf am i gonna bother doing my homework the teacher can shove it up my kush bindah''
by PoopSmiles November 7, 2014
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Asf is a apart of aave, it is a shortening of the term “As fuck” and is so be used behind an adjective
ex: “wow she CUTE asf
by Helper. March 14, 2021
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neela, i hate your monkey doll, etc etc asf
jazz, i love you, asf
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