JC: Edwin did she Box Your Nob
Ed: Yeah she totally did, I was sitting there at the beach and she came up to me went "Surprize" and totally boxed my nob.
JC: Damn man that's awesome, Jasmine never gave me no surprise, I had to ask in the cinema to get my nob boxed.
by Jezuz Cat January 6, 2009
surprize sex:
A jolly spin to date rape.
"It's not rape, it's surprize sex!" explained Chase.
by notsuck1 September 12, 2009
A sexual technique favored by dirty fast food eating women. Not to be confused with McPenis filet.
Dip dip dive, I like my niggas on the side, the bitches call me McPenis surprize.
by BigDickDan February 5, 2005
When a flaming beaner walks into your room suddenly and bust a huge load in you face. After he busts a nut, he takes a shit on your face and starts screaming jibberish. Usually performed on the george.
Chuck laid a massive serrano surprize on Zack.
by Charles Serrano December 11, 2004
when a man is fucking a girl in the ass and he is ready to cum so he pulls it out and spits on her back so she thinks hes done then she turns around then you blow the load in her face. or can be the brown surprize but using shit or the red surprize where the girl instead of cumming shoots blood on you.
(girl)he drenched me with cum i wasnt expecting it daddy!!!

(father) well sweety next time make sure your ready for the white surprize.
by kinky fucker May 25, 2007
When a male is about to have intercourse with a female and she pulls out a penis out of her undies.
Jim: I want to have sex with you
Ling: Are you sure ?
Jim: Yes
Ling: Well I have a surprise for you!
Jim: what is it?
Ling: a shanghai surprize!!!!!!!!!!!
by gravityjapan April 2, 2009