A person who takes an exceptionally long time to leave their house, usually when someone else is waiting on them.

Short for Lingerer.

Other forms: Linger, King Ling
Where is that ling at? He always takes forever to get ready.

That linger can never get anywhere on time.
by fucktitsballsackshitface December 18, 2014
Ling is a common name for Asian boys and girls. They are smart, great at sports, and music. Always gets A and higher in tests, always scores the winning goals and breaks the records, and has a great singing voice and has mastered an instrument. Ling's always cares about what they look like, and always try to make others happy, although not everyone always likes her/him. They have great hair, eyes, and body. Ling's have a great sense of fashion. Ling's are nice, trustworthy friend that will always have your back. Ling is an all-rounder that everyone wants to be friends with.
"Who's that chick sitting over there?"
"That's Ling, she scored an A+ in the maths test yesterday!"

"Which dude scored the goal yesterday?"
"That was Ling, he's got some sick skills."
by rookie cookie September 11, 2015
To throw or chuck something with real gusto.
'Stand back Joe, I'm gonna absolutely ling this...'
by Billy Chuffer January 5, 2020
The area between your two nostrils.
The child stabbed his ling accidentally.
by TheDefinitionerist February 1, 2011
A chacter from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
She is somewhat of the Chosen One's companion. Although she really wasn't needed in the movie, she provided some good quotes for all Kung Pow fans.
Chosen One: "You broke a thermometer in my hand"
Ling:"Rub it it my hair..."
by Elise W. November 3, 2004
One who lingers in large groups; a Ling is not opposed to overstaying their welcome; moreover, Lings express an usual desire to seek housing arrangements with other Lings for reasons not always clear or logical; may be associated with extreme untidiness; Lings tend to be white males in their 20s, however females as well as males of other ethnic backgrounds may also fall under the Ling category.
If you have a place of your own, beware of Lings. They will visit frequently, arriving at early hours of the day and leaving at late hours of the night. If your company leaves behind trash from the local fast food restaurant seek attention immediately; you have been the victim of a Ling. Furthermore, a group of friends may decide to rent a house together, whether or not the decision makes sense financially. Individuals whom linger around the residence of a Ling may be referred to as Half-Lings.
by Starr905 October 14, 2011
A general asian who finds enjoyment from annoyance, guns, cars and stealing item as a gag or pranks
by Armay March 24, 2017