Taking five years or more of high school. during your 5th+ year you are a Super Senior. also known as being on the five year plan
John Smith failed again, looks like heas going to be a super senior!
by Nick January 3, 2004
A student who has to repeat his/her senior year of high school, one or more times
Verlin McIsaac did not receive enough credits to pass his senior year of high school therefore he will be known as a super senior
by C "BabyFace"T March 15, 2009
Someone who is in their senior year of high school and decides to date freshman.
Looks like John is going out with that freshman Rebekah, looks like he's become quiet the super senior.
by Noobslayler42 November 16, 2022
A person who has been attending high school for 5 or more years, like Jak Thompson
Why is he still here? Didn't he graduate last year?

Yes, he is a super senior. He gets to do it all over again
by insanepolarbear December 9, 2009
A Senior from the previous school year that should be a freshmen in college or sticking around the town in which their parents reside in. Usually hangs out with High Schoolers or has a High School girlfriend and hangs out her with everyday.
Me: "Damn is that Kyle? He graduated like three years... He went to Community College and dropped out."

Friend: "Yeah man he's such a Super Senior."
by chillinbrah August 21, 2011
Adjective; A Super Senior is a Senior in High School that is 19 years old or older, has a shit beard/mustache/ and only comes into class once a week.

Optional: Smells like axe and still plays Halo 3 on his original 360
Bruh, I know you see that Super Senior over there, whats that dude name again?
by Strafey March 13, 2019
Somebody who's been in high school longer than they are suppose to
Damn how long you been in school bro, you a super senior.
by @Fleesidepete IG November 22, 2022