a stupid kid like myself who thinks they are all cool for one year, because they are the oldest kids in the school, but then when they go to high school, they will be complete dorks, and wont be invited to any parties, and wont how cool they thought they were in the 8th grade.
I'm an 8th grader, thats why!
by 8th grade girl May 13, 2005
What most kids 13-14 years old are during their junior high school days. Usually aggressive and somewhat hyperactive. Easy to anger and will stop for nothing once started.
The 8th grader didn't like that the seventh grader was talking shit behind her back.
by TheSpectacularOne April 29, 2009
Eh! Steve: What grade are you in?
Joe: 8th
Eh! Steve: Oh, so you're an 8th grader
by Home slice May 14, 2005
One who has little experience in life. Ignorant. Can not make a valid argument if they undeveloped ovaries depended on it. "An unhairy teenager." Enjoys have seizures on keyboards and TyPinG Lyk Dizz cuzz Dats k00l.
Overall: a complete moron.
Recent studies have shown 8th graders nowadays are nothing but disgusting, STD infested whotes.
by Awesomenessfully May 8, 2005
An annoying little kid at the top of his/her school who thinks they are the best and are extremely annoying. It is the stage of a kid before highschool before they become actually what they think they are.

If an 8th grader thinks he is an emo, he is a wannabe emo, and so on. When they transition to highschool, they actually become what they thought they were.

8th graders are actually all nerds that annoy everyone.
Sam: " Stupid 8th grader walked on our highschool campus and got in a fight. And, yah, he totally got destroyed "

Aaron: " What did they do to him? "

Sam: " Put a foot so far up his butt he had to eat leather for breakfast "

Aaron: "stupid kid "
by Jordan Shan March 15, 2008