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Haven't gotten any action since the 8th grade.

A sad sad sad individual, that not even God could save.
Hey I only got one thing to say to that, 8th grade.
by trevorsmom June 23, 2004
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Since im the first fucking one to give a definition 8th grade will be one of the best damn years of your life. Your the seniors of middle school you can play sports..... I just realized writing this is boring as shit so fuck it. This site is really only used to look up dirty words and get hard off the definitions. If your actually using it to find real definitions your a dumbass so fuck you and have a nice damn day
Guy 1: hey what is 8th grade like

Guy 2: starts explaining it then realizes its bullshit and curses out dumbass nigga who asked the question
by Jigjay012p July 21, 2018
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