THE game that changed the face of the Xbox 360 and Microsoft. It has sold millions upon millions of copies around the world, and set a new bar for gaming. However, it has also caused (along with World of Warcraft) a dramatic spike in video game addiction. Countless players have been "pwning noobs" on Xbox Live for hours on end, but have ignored the needs of their parents/children/girlfriends/boyfriends/fiances/spouses/significant others. They have been more obsessed with hearing "killtacular!" than saying "what do you need, honey?" Its a tragedy of some sorts; it really is.
Girlfriend: Baby, you promised me a night to remember for our anniversary!

Boyfriend: It'll have to wait darling. I have to get a be an MVP in Halo 3.

(Game voice): Killing spree! Sharpshooter! Extermination!...

Boyfriend: Yeah, bitch!
by gamespeed91 September 26, 2009
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1. A game played by men for hours on end
2. A game played by men for hours on end when drunk
3. A game played by ditzy and/or drunk girls trying to flirt with the guys around them
4. A game that if played well by a girl indicates she is either really cool or a lesbian
1. Not much man, just played Halo 3 for like six hours
2. Fuck man, all I remember is that I played Halo 3 for fucking like 6 hours
3. Omygosh, Halo 3! Can I like plaaaaaaaay?
4. Dude, Charissa is fuckin baller at Halo 3. I hope she's just tight and not a lesbo.
by calledupandcametome October 8, 2007
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First person Shooting game set in the Sci-Fi universe of the first two halo games; developed by Bungie; realeased for the xbox 360 exclusively on September 25 2007 in North America, 26th in Europe, 27th in Japan.

The game includes the concluding campaign of the halo trilogy playable for the first time with up to 4 people over system link of Xbox live; Refined mutliplayer; Highly stylized HD graphics that make for a beautiful game; Real-time map editing Forge mode; etc. etc.

Made of pure EPIC and WIN.
In Halo 3, you do actually get to finish the fight!
In many districts about 12% of the students were absent the day halo 3 came out.
by God's mouth October 8, 2007
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Ex. 1:
(Girl on phone): Hey baby, what are you up to?
(Girl): ...What?

Ex. 2:
(Girl): *Hugs boy while he is playing Halo 3*
(Boy): Oh my god! I almost had a Killionaire! BITCH! *throws controller*
by oh hey girl! April 6, 2009
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Me: Hey guys. Are you up for some Ghost Recon?
Friends: No, let's play Halo 3.
Me: But we've played that together everyday this week. How about of Gears of War?
Friends: No thanks. Halo 3 is better.
Me: Damn.
by Markt3hShark July 11, 2008
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1.Quite possible the Hardest game to play online, Creating fury and Possibly Broken controllers, xboxs, Ect.

2. Breeding Ground for 12 year old children to talk all the shit they can Before there parents get home
1.God i fucking hate Flood, i tried to beat that level so many times, I threw my controller through the tv and Lit the halo 3 on disk fire.

2. Yeah i toattly beat your ass, Teabag Teabag, I fucked your fucking face you fucking fag, Yeah Suck my fucking balls (in a High Pitched voice).
by Delphinium? December 26, 2009
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