It is a short and quick way to say no or f*ck off.
Person 1:’Did you get in with her bro’.
Person 2:’Jak’.
by boomz.the.saiyan March 10, 2020
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If you're from the suburban areas of New Zealand then this term is very familiar. Often used to replace the word "nah".
Bolo 1: Uce got any lunch?
Bolo 2: Jak
Bolo 1: Got at least a dollar???
Bolo 2: Jaaaak man fuckoff im poor you bitch
by Coledrick September 24, 2016
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Jak, from the PS2 games 'Jak and Daxter'.The protagonist of series, an extremely handsome male with dashing 'yellow-green' hair, and carrys his best friend Daxter on his shoulder everwhere he goes in his adventures.
'Jak comes in, firing his gun at every moving person at sight ,and then steals a predestrian's hover car'

Krimzon Guard: 'witnesses this, pulls out walky talkye' I suspect suspicious behaviour in sector 6.
by Evolutis September 12, 2012
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A charming attractive young man. Very good at sports and funny. Everyone wants to know him. Every guy wants to be him, every girls wants to be with him.

He takes advantage of this and hops from girl to girl, no recognition or concern for their feeling. After he has manipulated then enough to secure them and hook up with them, he throws them to the dogs. He is not a nice guy to girls.
Guy #1 : I can't believe Jak hooked up with Joanne last night

Guy #2 : I thought he was in a thing with Caren.

Guy #1: yeah he kind of is. He is going to screw them both over soon. He told me last night.
by antifuckboy123 April 30, 2016
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Jak is a Fifa obsessed dick bag who thinks he owns the place. If you go near him you will get cancer and die a horrible death. Jak is also very small brain only knowing the answer to very basic math problems. Jak usually comes from Africa and likes to prey on Traps and Emos.
Oh my god Jak is coming to prey on those Emos again
by Snicker Bread October 8, 2019
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Jak is a name for someone that is a Downey and also has no friends or anyone that loves him at all
Random person falls over

Other random person : you acting like a Jak
by Jak’s dad April 26, 2018
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