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Slang/Hood term for the 440 area code, pronounced "fo fo oh".

440 is the area code for most of Greater Cleveland in Northeast Ohio. The 216 area code is the city of Cleveland and some inner ring suburbs and 440 area code is the rest of the cities and suburbs/other areas just outside of Cleveland. 330 and 234 are other area codes in Northeast Ohio/Greater Cleveland area including the Akron/Canton area and the Youngstown area.

Some ghettos/hoods in the 440 area code include South Lorain, South Central Lorain (including Campedo), Central Lorain, most of West Lorain, some of East Lorain, (almost all of Lorain is hood) Southside/SW Elyria, and part of West Elyria. There's other hoods also but most of the 440 area code is nice.
"Errywhere I go I'm screamin 440 !!!, If he got a problem let the 4-4 BLOW! All up in his face let the bitch nigga have it, it's LORAIN BITCH and my niggas bringin havoc!"
- Lil D (rapper from westside/central Lorain)
by Michi440 August 15, 2009
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the area code for Lorain, Ohio also know as L-Town. It is a Ghetto Gangsta kick it spot. and we keep it real.
You think you are tough? Come on down too the 440 and get left layin on the ground with a 12 guage blow. beotch!
by Mattitude and mikeaholic May 03, 2003
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Taken from the forum Khmer440,where a molesting pile of filth dwell.

A small,largely backward gathering of diffident ex-pat males who sum up perfectly abject bitterness, disappointment and an acceptance at always riding the world's 'special' bus,tongue firmly attached to the window watching the rest of the world pass them by.
Look at that bunch of fuckin' 440's.
by Penance4thought April 01, 2010
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A way to finger a girl popularly used in pictures by having your ring finger and thumb tucked but every other finger extend “2 for the pink 1 for the stink”
“Got the 4 40 locked and loaded for this date”
by Uh oh October 01, 2018
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A really pimpin' way to keep your car cool when your AC is busted or you don't have one - 4 windows down going 40 mph.
The AC's busted again? Looks like we gotta pull a 440 up in this bitch.
by The General July 07, 2004
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