Used to describe something when you can't find a better way.
That car looks like a van type thing.
by umlikewhatever May 17, 2009
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(Agree with the first def, but want to embellish.

Type thing is an expression of normalizing things, suggesting that everything is "as usual."

(Added to the end of a word or phrase as if it is a punctuation mark).
My anger management instructor said "type thing" after almost everything she said. It made me feel more comfortable in class.


"The restrooms are located just outside this meeting room, type thing."

"From this course, you will learn helpful new tools, type thing."

Other examples:

"My car was dirty so I went to the car wash, type thing."

"Let's go out tonight for dinner and a movie, type thing."
by yes juanito yes December 24, 2016
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knows sum is dumb or wrong but do it anyways without caring
You're eating random candy from a stranger? Such a Laila type thing
by Dis_ease061213 March 15, 2022
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When shit is so wierd/and off and you can feel it in the air or the vibe.
I was walking though the woods and saw 3 deers with their eyeballs hanging out their heads. I was like what in the stranger things type shit is this
by Alpha Male OG 90s Baby July 8, 2022
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when you type random things into the internet
when you type random things into the internet
by sdafeascfwesad w January 12, 2021
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