1) The act of moving from location A to location B

2) A commercial vehicle made by the Ford motor company and sold in the UK. Often used by parcel delivery companies
Sorry mate, your parcel was damaged in (a) Transit
by Reginald E. Might September 18, 2007
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A transit is a local transportation serbice. Most of the time the Transit service in your location is a bus, or several busses.
by RaHVeN June 07, 2005
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If a girl is working for transit that means she is a "team player", meaning she allows numerous guys to have sex with her at once, or "run a train", hence the name transit.
"she ain't got a job, but she works for transit"
by Nick Nice September 19, 2006
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1. Dude, you're dating a transit.
2. Last week, he was a man, but over the weekend he became a woman with a totally different personality. What a transit!
by French038 December 01, 2005
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To be in route from one location to another. May be associated with out of pocket.
Sorry Tom is unavailable, he is in transit
by FirePhreak June 19, 2006
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A euphemism for someone out of work and looking for a new job.
Instead of saying, "I just got canned" or, "I worked my butt off for that company for years and they laid me off with a lame severance" you can simply say "I'm in transition."
by Transitioning May 30, 2009
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Chemically-processed hair that is purposefully being replaced by allowing one's natural, virgin hair, to grow without further chemical treatment.

The main goal of transitioning to to have all virgin hair.

Especially relevant to black women.
After Sally cuts the last inch of her relaxed hair off, she will be finished transitioning and have all natural hair.
by MyHairLady May 12, 2011
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