2 definitions by o.0 ?

What a small group of punks call fat people trying to act cool when really he/she isnt
"look at that group of jellycopters, hahahaha"
by o.0 ? December 12, 2005
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1. A train that is used for urban transit
2. A restaurant that serves filling and fresh food, my personal favorite, but jerry didnt lose his weight there
subway resturants will not make you lose weight unless you have one of those "under 6 grams of fat" 6 inch subs without subsause or mayo. TRUE: if you have a 12 inch sub, doesnt matter what sub it is if you add subsause and mayo to it, the sauses alone will be 440 calories... the other ones are relatively heathy though
by o.0 ? December 12, 2005
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