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The feeling of being able to accomplish anything while on adderall; often associated with a ten fold increase in productivity.
A: Hey man are you okay? What'd you do all day, didn't hear from you at all.

B: Yeah, I'm fine, just took a ride on the A train. Cleaned my room top to bottom, alphabetized my DVD's, and got all of my laundry done. AND finished that paper I put off for 2 weeks.
by ringtab November 05, 2010
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A New York City subway train (the Eighth Avenue Express) mentioned in Duke Ellington's signature song "Take the A Train" and famously performed by Ella Fitzgerald. The A Train passes through Harlem, stopping at 145th Street ("Sugar Hill"), a center of African American culture during the "Harlem Renaissance" between the world wars.
You must take the A Train / To go to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem / If you miss the A Train / You'll find you've missed the quickest way to Harlem ...

"Take the A Train"
Billy Strayhorn
by JerseyJohn February 01, 2007
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the state of being so drunk you shit your pants. the shitting usually takes place with underware on, and while laying in a bathtub. unleashing the a-train usually happens after taking a-bombers.
dam man jimmy took 3 a-bombers, 11 beers, and a couple rips pff the bong and then didnt have a choice but to have the inner a-train come out.
by jake suppa February 09, 2008
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