to place hands around the neck and squeeze, and then hold. similar to strangling, but strangulating is what real hard-asses and gangsters do.
If you bitches dont refuse to mate, Im gonna have to strangulate.
by C Grip August 29, 2005
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1.)To strangle or choke
2.) -ed (strangulated): The act of being strangled, and/or asphyxiated.
3.) -ion (strangulation): Choking/inability to breathe.
1.) If you don't shut up, I'm going to strangulate you with a wire hanger.
2.) I ran my neck into the clothesline, and it felt like I was being strangulated.
3.) The girl who had an asthma attack was suffering from severe strangulation.
by ZeroSaber August 31, 2003
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To masturbate with such a tight grip on one's penis that it is denied the oxygen it requires to function properly. Much like in a cartoon, the head turns blue over time. A two-handed grip is used, and it is an extrememely intense action to observe.
Mother: Billy, time for dinner!
Billy: NO!! I'm stangulating.
Mother: Hmm? What does strangulate mean?
Billy: Nothing, keep the door closed please!
by CGrip October 2, 2005
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DFD (see DFD) has coined this term many times, and now has called it their own.

Verb - To strangle and choke a bitch
"Don't refuse to mate, or I'll have to strangulate!"
by Dr. K August 21, 2005
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Lose 16 team and personal arena rating over 5 seconds. 1.66 minute cooldown.
by sdfasdfasdsdfasfdasdas June 4, 2009
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