The situation you are in if your dropship crashes and leaves you stranded on a planet full of nasty extra terrestrials.
I guess this is it, man, I guess we're pretty fucked, game over, man, game over!
by Zalis August 6, 2004
A sure sign that the game just kicked your ass...
I love the game over music for Final Fantasy 7, its just so... sad!
by Rimpala January 27, 2007
When he got married, it was game over
by Bryan Pend October 4, 2007
a situation has ended unsuccessfully
If he gets away, it's game over for the credibility of the police chief.
by The Return of Light Joker January 30, 2009
When you just died and ran out of quarters.
I used my last quarter, I just fell into lava, and game over appeared on the screen. fml.
by ~flyinhigh~ April 20, 2009
when u have lost the game usally runing out of lives.
by bob December 8, 2003