The same exact thing as Tea Bagging. The difference is that you can not remove your balls from that chicks mouth until the flavor has fully set in. This process takes a minimum of two minutes. If you remove that scrotum any sooner, then you have not steeped.
That chick didn't shut up all night. Only silence I had is when I started steeping. Got a full 5 minutes!
by BBlanc March 6, 2009
Steep a word to describe something or a situation that is unbelievably bad or unfortunate for your self or another person.
man: "we just lost the last bus!"
other man: " that's steep


man:" i cheated on my girlfriend, but now she knows it"
other man: "steep"
by Didodami March 9, 2011
1. Adjective: Very Expensive.
2. Adjective: Used to describe the incline or decline of a surface.
1. I want a plasma screen T.V. but right now they are just too steep.

2. Don't try to walk down that hill to the river, It's too steep and you will bust your ass.
by anon January 14, 2004
The method that Tim Horton's (a Canadian doughnut chain) uses to make tea. In a 2005 commercial, it takes on a new meaning as a mother misinterprits steeped to mean cool. Now steeped is being used in popular culture to mean cool or great. Being told that something of yours is steeped should be taken as a compliment (or you just have some good tea).
"Hey Mrs. Chan, your garden is looking steeped!"
"Steeped outfit honey"
by Andrew A from Vic October 3, 2005
The act of grinding nut cheese onto your victims face, Then proceeding to urinate on it.(Use: After Shitting on a opponent)
I just steeped on your whole family!
You just got steeped on
by TuckTheSteeper March 16, 2021
Used in a sexual manner. Steeped refers to the action penetration. Strong and Deep = Steeped
1.) Jamie: Hey Lena, did you get steeped last night?

Lena: Hell yah I did!

2.) Alejandro: Dude, did you steep that hot chick?

Francisco: Dude, she denied me H-Core...
by thatshott26 September 7, 2010
to be stressed out, overwhelmed, or generally worn out. like how the tea bag feels after sitting in hot water for so long. to be used as an adjective when describing someone.
My roommate is so steeped right now with finals and everything.
by lilmarie3 January 6, 2010