Steep a word to describe something or a situation that is unbelievably bad or unfortunate for your self or another person.
man: "we just lost the last bus!"
other man: " that's steep


man:" i cheated on my girlfriend, but now she knows it"
other man: "steep"
by Didodami March 9, 2011
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1. Emotional statement; describing a feeling of deep emotions

2. When a woman or man is hard to get, or challenging but are warm hearted and lovable.
1. "That speech about world peace, man that was very steep"

2. "Man that girl is steep bro"
by Jackied April 22, 2013
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Intimatatingly cool
Those seniors are so steep
by Phonerack432 August 30, 2017
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vb. During anal sex, when the penetrating partner holds their member still inside the receptive partner in order to acclimatize said partner for more vigorous fucking.
"Sorry that hurts, Senator Santorum, I'll steep it a little longer."

"Steep it. Steeeeeeep it."
by Earl Gay June 29, 2013
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An airborne disease. That when caught, you become so unbelievably retarded to the point you contemplate suicide.
Person1:Man, I caught a bad case of the steeps. I'm fucked.
Person2:I'm so sorry, broski. I'd say at least it's better than AIDs... but it's not.
by Dr . Phil November 17, 2011
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potently cool; exhilarating or bad-ass.
Oh my God, that Lady Gaga concert was sooooo STEEP! I wish Beyonce would have been there too.
by McGalovstieg April 6, 2010
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To break, perforate, or puncture a female human's hymen tissue within her virginal vulva, most frequently by an erect penis or finger.
by Alright69 June 3, 2010
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