in serious trouble, epecially with the law or one's superiors
If you keep skipping school,you will be in hot water.
by Light Joker April 2, 2006
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1. the opposite of cold water
2. trouble that you find yourself in after you have a few tastey beverages
Nona found herself in hot water after a bro ho tried to dance with her in front of the shit hot band.
by Fav 80s girl October 20, 2011
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A term used for pissing warmly and moist on anybody or anything.
Dude I gave my girlfriend a hot water and she smelled like piss for a week.
by christiandefinitions February 10, 2019
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Your typical shitty Northeastern Kind Bud. Usually costs between $35-$50 for an 1/8, dense, soaking wet, with red hairs. Usually the type of weed everyone gets freshman and sophmore year of high school. Tastes like hot water, smells like hot water. You usually only get high for like 30 min. no matter how much u smoke, followed by a massive headache.
Damn man we just smoked a blunt of this hot water and i'm not even high.
by Upper Dublin February 22, 2006
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"Lemme get you some hot water, - Citizen kain. (Urban slang for sum fuck)
Bro your gf doesnt give you the hot water anymore? Damn what a virgin
by Sumfuccboi September 1, 2017
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Apparently it's just what dehydrated babies need, according to John McCain. Preferably in bottled form.

John McCain:
"We should be able to deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies."

Guy from The Waterboy:
"Hey! Water's better cold."
by Benjamin Haines July 12, 2008
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As seen in the Korean web novel 'FFF-Class Trashero', a sexual partner (usually in the case of the main character Kang Han Soo referring to a woman), basically a 'bed warmer'.
"A beauty, whose body was ideal to be the highest-grade hot water bottle, thus shouted while looking down from the top of a majestic fortress covered by ice and snow." - FFF-Class Trashero Chapter 65

"His girlfriend, who had played the role of a hot water bottle, had disappeared, while he was kidnapped to the continents of Fantasia again." - FFF-Class Trashero Chapter 75
by jerrythebattlepus December 19, 2020
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