1. Difficult to understand.
2. Very intense, profound, or intriguing.
3.(Sound) Low pitch
4. (Color) Dark and intense
5. Of great depth or low placement. Specified distance from the top, surface, or edge.
6. Number of people
1. That's too deep for me.
2. His art is deep.
3. He's a deep baritone.
4. It's a deep purple.
5. The pool gets very deep near the diving board.
6. We rode 4 deep.
by Val November 26, 2003
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When someone wants to go somewhere and it's far
by DetroitNiggaa September 1, 2017
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Something like a rhyme/poem/quote/rap that shows feeling or makes a lot of sense (inspiration)
(Expression) - Woah!! That's deep
J.Cole said "What's money without happiness? Or hard times without the people you love?" (This is deep)
by JBPHANTOM November 21, 2016
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A person who can sit aside their own thoughts beliefs and ideas to use critical thinking concepts.

He just came by to sit with me when my mom died. He just held my hand and didn't say a word.

Wow. That's deep.
Aware selfless I got you deep I'll be there
by Think 8 August 13, 2016
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1) A concept, abstraction, or theory that is scientifically or philosophically profound.

2) Wise (Adjective). Wisdom (Noun).
Example: "The Book" by Alan Watts is fucking deep as fuck, man.
by Pres (Intruder) January 3, 2007
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brave,heroic,cool,fashonable,interesting,right all the time,amazing
wow you are just like deep
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When something/someone is harsh and cold towards someone/something else
Yo man that was well deep when you slaped james round the head with a bin! Man, I hope 'Tasha don't find out, she's got a thing for him!
by Jesus Godd December 23, 2006
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