An excellent experience, usuaslly induced by music, especially skiffle music where the T-chest bass sound induces euphoria.
I got a high listening to the good tea band. That skiffle outfit rock da sox. I like that good tea!
by chris firth October 4, 2006
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the gay male term for drama or gossip
sis is serving the good tea
by LaomCaelus July 18, 2018
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Any band that sound good, excellent or mind-blowingly brilliant.
After the original skiffle ensamble, The Good Tea Band, who were alleged to have whipped their 50's audiences into a frenzied, hysterical euphoria with their Tea-Chest bass and banjo rhythms, akin to the eastern spiritual 'dervish' experience.
Thus they were banned by the Tempererance Society (Whitby) at the time, but still proved very popular in Staithes (North Yorkshire bohemian coastal village).
Grungy Kid: Seen any good bands lately.
Hip Kid: Yeah. Caught the Arctic Monkeys. Mint!
Grungy Kid: Were they good tea.
Hip Kid: They were the good tea band of this year, dude!
by chris firth December 4, 2006
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