The act of obsessing over a particular person or product at shamefully high levels.

Deprived from the oh so popular song Stan by Eminem. In which a fan, named Stan, is obsessed with Eminem at a dangerously high level.
by slamsam June 23, 2011
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''Chuck us oar a stane ya wee fat cunt, n stop playin way yer wee maggot''
by Brendan April 7, 2003
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Stanely is a normal dude. He doesn't like to socialize on medias. And nearly some girls love him. He's A pretty cool guys. He gets mad easily so stay on his good side.

He's protective to other people that he cares about. He cares and treat everyone the same but when it's private he acts differently.
by DontJudgeButFightForOthers December 26, 2016
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Who's going to win the match tonight, Jock?

I dinnae ken. I hain't goat e fuckin keek-stane ye fuckin Sasanach bastard ye.
by D B Cooper January 24, 2011
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Stane-Aurel is someone who's beautiful, faithful, stylish and childish af. He can Also be the nicest/rudest person you have ever met.
- do you know Stane-Aurel?
- yea, he's my girl's crush 😭
by gubbimane January 3, 2017
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