round ball made of crystal or glass that one unveils with humility late at night when no ones looking,to gather and place information of the current situation,to be reviewed and understood at a later date to gain a better knowledge of the patterns and progress of life
intuition,clockwork, synchrocyclotron in use is like crystal ball in reverse ;D
by mr.eofadd October 15, 2007
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after a girl squirts her load into her lover's mouth, her lover spits it back into her mouth. if they care to, they can orally pass the squirt load back and forth. it's similar to snowballing, however, girl cum is clear, making it a crystal ball, instead of a snowball.
"After I found out my girlfriend could squirt, I wanted to crystal ball her!"
by cathlex May 27, 2009
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1) when a girl preforms oral sex with pop rocks in her mouth
2) a ball used by homosexual cross dressers for scamming innocent people out of their money
1) "dude did you hear how johnny got a crystal ball from his girl friend?"
2) "gazzzzeeee into the crystal ball and see your future"
by johnny talks alot August 12, 2009
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Predicting the future or imagining in a fortune-telling manner as one does with a crystal ball. Actual crystal ball typically used when crystal balling

Made popular in song Black Magic by Little Mix
Crystal balling, just to help him see what he’s been missing.
by Fcukboi January 9, 2020
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When a talking point is purely a baseless prediction rather than an actual argument. Named after the mythological fortune-telling crystal ball.
P1: "Waiting for the comments accusing you of being racist"
P2: "Well you'll be waiting a long time then. Stop crystal balling."
by ȥZ_GɾιɳɠυS_Zȥ July 9, 2021
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1. The straight forward approach that some psychics have when delivering information to a client.

2. This term is also used by psychics when talking about clients who expect readings for free or when referencing nasty clients.
The client that I read for last evening has a real set of "crystal balls." She expected me to wave a magick wand and make her boyfriend call her.
by Street Smart Psychic June 8, 2010
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