A terrible lie from which this person never plans to return.
6:26 PM - Micorg: Be right back

6:26 PM - Friend: Hurry back

1:39 AM - That mother fucker.
by Intimidation September 30, 2013
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I will return at some random point you are unable to predict... it could be as long as an hour :-P
by Jenna :) April 14, 2004
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Matt says: hey katie

Katie says: be right back

Matt says: ok

Katie has left the conversation.
by Gymnocalycium May 17, 2009
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What ever someone said to you, you are returning the sentiment without all the words!
"It is fantastic working with such a dedicated teacher and human being." "Right back at ya!"
by Dedicated Teach November 27, 2013
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the same to you

aka right back atcha
aka back atcha
"Have a good one"
"Right back at you, Jon"

"Go screw your dog, asshole"
"Back atcha, punk!"
by anna_bond January 12, 2008
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Is to give back something with a few words like i give you back the love Right back at ya bro! but is not necessary that is good !
You have my respect man ! so you can say Right back at ya
by OGfunk June 13, 2018
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The complete opposite of coming RIGHT back.
Sister: "Hey, will you watch child's name while I go to place? I'll be right back.

Me: *waiting for three or more hours*
by _asdfjkl_ December 12, 2014
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