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the coolest bestest person in the world, my best friend, w/o her i'd be dead, hahaha control 5
I love em!!!!!
by Laura February 4, 2004
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sex organ that shoots out sperm, commonly know as the penis or d!ck.
"And get ready 4 somethin' that U've never seen...The Endorphinmachine!"
by Laura November 9, 2004
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From 'My wife & Kids' tv show, the father often says errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nah! means no
Hey dad can i go 2 a party 2 nite?
errrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....rrrrrrrrrrr...rrrr nah!
by Laura October 6, 2004
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Not what everyone thinks! not the blonde bimbo in white stilletos and up for anything! theres only a few of them around!
lets not generalise every girl from essex as an essex girl
by Laura April 26, 2005
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Major fallacy. Clearly an embittered soul created such a term.
by Laura April 14, 2005
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Leslie walks out of the bathroom after an hour. "Anaconda."
by Laura December 14, 2004
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A crutial member for the DBC, douchebag crew. Perhaps the most vital member because of his nickname frosty the snowman.
Cece came to the bar with an eight ball in his pocket.
by Laura February 11, 2005
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