stop playin wimme

either means you want that person to stop messing with you or you want that person to stop playing around with you and already date .
Niomi sent me a screen shot of her crush saying stop playing she was happy all day”

trey said,” stop playin wimme before i get mad” .
by iiammella December 19, 2021
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usually said when something bad or embarrassing happens to you.
teacher: *hands student test

student: *receives a 54%
student: wtf stop playin
by facebookmomlol1234heyguys December 4, 2019
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To stop playing in ones face or presences.
Them: you seen kiesha lately

You: na, why?
Them: cause she pregnant

You: maaan, stop playin’ on my set
by UHtx1 January 28, 2020
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