When a female has rubbed her clit so fast and hard and fingered her pussy so much she found her g-spot. She then releases a powerful burst of clear liquid many time. She then realises she doesn’t need a man.
“Damn I squirted so much last night! I don’t need Tom to fuck me anymore I get more pleasure doing it myself!”
by Sexbomb September 20, 2019
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A nickname a Father gives to a child he adores.
Hey,Squirt....go grab me a beer.
by thrushpuppy July 23, 2015
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The female act of gushing a clear, odorless liquid out of their pussy's when reaching orgasm. Often accomplished by some serious clit stimulation, or G-Spot stimulation.

*Girls who can do this are god.
"I was eating her pussy and sucking on her clit she squited all over my face"

"Dude, last night I bent Jill over the kitchen table, and she squirted all over my cock"
by Chelby June 2, 2007
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A small/short person. Also a name or insult to non-adolescent children.
Bobby: *walking around a Mid Western Town unsupervised* Lalalalalalalala!
Jake The Kid: Hey, Squirt, you ain't allowed in these parts. Someone oughta teach you some manners.
Bobby: AW, RATS!
by AnimeLover2002 April 20, 2015
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When she squirts means vaginal discharge or orgasm
Kate:Uhh uhhh uhhhh fuck yeah ohh uhh daddy put it in harder! Bryce:shit,you just squirted all over the fucking room.Kate well girls are girls.
by Theshitposter11 March 27, 2019
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Your really looking up this word!! Why would you do?? Shut your phone and go pray or something. I expect more from you 😂😂
Are you still looking for the word squirt!?
by Check yourself August 16, 2015
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