What you're gonna do if you read this and you're a furry

Kashi ran his tongue through the swollen pink folds of the rogue female's vulva, stimulating her and causing her to growl sensually at the other wolf's actions. (continued)
He raised his head and pressed his chest against her hinds, heaving himself on top of her and sinking his teeth into her tender scruff. He began to hump rapidly, his veiny cock erecting to its full, impressive length. Kashi slid his tip inside her, the rogue's soft entrance caressing it. He then thrust himself fully inside her and she whimpered with pleasure as he pumped faster and faster. He ground in circular motions as well, fully stimulating her and causing her loose, non-virgin hole to grow wet and lubricate his cock further, allowing him to slide faster and faster until his knot slid within her. He could feel his dick pulsing and throbbing as it swelled until he squirted his load inside of the rogue. They moaned in unison, and as Kashi got off and turned away, he yelped with surprise to realize his cock was stuck inside her. "This your first time?" She smirked to him. He blushed and silently nodded, and they both lay down for a while. He then felt his dick release from inside her. The feeling caused him t squirt out a small bit of precum. The rogue smirked mischievously and slid beneath him, sucking harshly on his cock. He whined, the actions shocking him yet filling him with pleasure. he soon grew hard again, and now that she'd brought the best of Kashi back, she turned and slid her hole onto him, and he humped her hard until he squirted another hot load inside her.
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by Fuckx July 27, 2019
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to be bad, unacceptable, boring, or generally shitty. Synonym: suck
"This event squirts dude."
"Yeah I'm about ready to blow ass"
by notbad.jpg August 12, 2011
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Basically something that happens when you have sex. It's a good feeling.
I squirted and it felt good
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by Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmlife April 23, 2016
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A caffeine free grapefruit soda manufactured by Pepsi. Contains less than 1% fruit juice and goes great with vodka.
Dude 1: Yo, get me some squirt for my smirnoff twist!

Dude 2: Shut up, pussy!
by Nasty Massey March 27, 2004
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When you do sumn better than someone else or beat them in something
I deadass just squirted on you bro
Chillll that sound gay as hell
by dr1pg0dd June 11, 2020
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1. a young child

2. to urinate

3. to orgasm (usually for a man and sometimes a woman)
by The Return of Light Joker August 19, 2010
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