A term used by girlfriends when joke about a hot guy that makes me them moist that they would squirt for.

Amy: Ooh did you see Duke in his khakis?
Amy & Friend Together: SQUIRT!!
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by istayfrosty October 12, 2016
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when a female exerts her cum into a males cock. this however can cause people to get MORE horny. i do not recommend this to kids under the age of..............SQUIRTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah right there........... enjoy squirting but be careful because this can cause unstoppable squirting...........
(squirt) squirting....
by achmed911 May 07, 2011
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A neighbor who talks openly about their enjoyment of recieving it up the butt, and brags about how it makes her "squirt". She will openly talk about this personal subject in front of several males that are present.
by acorndrive October 26, 2010
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'She squirted her inner juices all over'
I was shagging the fuck out of Hannah one night in my bedroom, and she squirted so much, and then my dog walked in and he opened his mouth for it, and she still couldnt stop! i was so embarsed, but i made her squirt so bad! 'She squirted her inner juices all over'
by Scotty2Hottygh April 02, 2009
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The act of "involuntary" urination when pressure is placed on the perineal muscle after having achieved orgasm.
"I was scrogging her and she squirted all over me. It was cool."
by Lordpoee March 02, 2004
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a kid (usually male) who is small, kinda cute but not really, and can be annoying.

Squirts usually distinguish themselves by trying to be an upper class man when they are a freshman. although squirts are annoying and small like gremlins, they are still needed in society.
ryan: wow did you see that squirt today, he was all up and crazy.

joe: yeah he is very annoying whay does he try to hang with us?

ryan: I dont know, but i feel like he needs to annoy us, like my aunt jane!

joe: i hate your aunt, but you sill gotta love her, like squirt!
by mjrizzle November 29, 2010
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