Best thing a girl can do.

When A girl releases orgasmic clear fluid, comes out like water, Happens from stimulation and build up. Last about 3- 10 seconds.
by The girl who can squirt!!!!!!! January 22, 2012
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A small/short person. Also a name or insult to non-adolescent children.
Bobby: *walking around a Mid Western Town unsupervised* Lalalalalalalala!
Jake The Kid: Hey, Squirt, you ain't allowed in these parts. Someone oughta teach you some manners.
Bobby: AW, RATS!
by AnimeLover2002 April 19, 2015
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Flaming Diarrhea. squirts are basicly the worst experience you can can endure. Marcella usually gets the squirts from eating fish.
Marcella was really constipated at the sleepover, Until she ate Jessica's mom's fish. She slept on the toilet! you could hear the crap splash in the bowl! SQUIRTS!
by Jessicrap June 01, 2007
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S.Q.U.I.R.T.S is also known as Super Quick Uncontrollable Intense Rectal Turd Splat. This disease was first found in a man with the name we can't disclose due to . It starts with the destruction of the lower bowels, more particularly the rectum.

Symptoms: Death

The disease is currently being fought against through the organization F.U.N.K.A.S.S. (Foundation for the Understanding of New Knowledge About SQUIRTS Sufferers).

F.U.N.K.A.S.S. is also known as the S.Q.U.I.R.T.S defence council.
Drew Aneck was the second person to receive the disease known as S.Q.U.I.R.T.S.
by F.U.N.K.A.S.S. February 04, 2011
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An expletive portraying extreme shock or disbelief.
Daughter: Mother, I am pregnant.
Mother: SQUIRT!?
Retard Poser: Sum41 ownz!!!!11
Normal person: Squirt?!
by tobad4ya November 22, 2004
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