The act of releasing semen
I spurted on Jessi's tits
by darryl February 6, 2003
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He was eliminated from the 69 tournament when he spurt
by Thetrizpatguy April 6, 2018
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Used in hentai comics or illustration spurt is a word that is expressing the sound effect of cumming, eljaculation through a males penis
Exp: (a dick cumming on a big booty) *spurt*
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Also know as Sprite. See also: Choke
Spurt tastes good in your mouth
by AiRDawG October 5, 2003
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getting so excited in pants(usually a male) that you ejaculate.
JOhnny was about to spurt when he saw Gina walk around the corner in that skirt.
by beaner skater April 18, 2006
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full of increasness
Sayre Was being very spurtful while running

our plant was experiencing spurtfulness during our trip
by smithywoo February 1, 2022
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Reading the future by studying the patterns formed by semen after giving someone a facial.
"Sophia gazed deeply at the streaks of semen Paul had just deposited upon Rachel's face. 'Spurt scrying is an ancient art almost lost to this age...' Sophia said."
by Dribbles23 March 5, 2008
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