when a person manages to get a better grade then you even though you studied for hours; if you lose a baseball game by 30 runs
What kind of sorcery? I swear that you were playing football not baseball if you lost by 30 points!
by 2BallDUckling April 12, 2016
The word sorcery comes from the Old English words for man and sword and can therefore be viewed as something of a euphemism for a man's “magic wand” and its machination.
What sorcery is this…
by Masquerader November 11, 2019
That of which experienced sorcerers (like me) use.
Guy: I just pushed you down a virtual well
Girl: I got back up
Guy: Sorcery
Girl: Counter Sorcery
by KC&MB March 17, 2010
communication with spirits, if elements were intellectual and devils could be told, not to exist they're trying for it with you, the nothing that comes?
the idea that, lightning is idea, most surely definitely, and so could you be a lightning mage and bend, it at your will, or harness the static in another's mind, and send the bolt, electric, that he could need to think of something suddenly, his terrain his own, or that he would see you do it, here, was it real.
What sorcery is this? means, what are you trying to say to me? or where do you come from?
by Setsuko Kaguya December 12, 2018
1. Seduction; nothing more, nothing less

a. The act of seducing others with your magic stick
His fantastic boner power radiated from his ability to utilize his pelvic sorcery, going after what was definitely a sure thing.
by MSpicyboner August 5, 2014
That of which can undo the harmful effects of sorcery, and can only be used by experienced sorcerers (like me)
Girl: Offensive Sorcery
Guy: Defensive Sorcery
Girl: NO
Guy: Sorcery
Girl: Counter Sorcery
by KC&MB April 7, 2010
The reason the FBI thinks I'm a violent person.
Guy 1: hey bro how many VR games you got?
Guy 2: yea bro I got blade and sorcery the other day
Guy 1 frantically runs away
by Another fucking Fuze October 5, 2021