undo is said like un-doh which is a shortening for under cover cops
theres undo's down that street, we should go the other way.
by ^N0N December 29, 2012
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the act of undoing multiple things at once
i got two girls pregnant gotta undos that
by majorbae April 30, 2019
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A desperate, exhaustive attempt to, by any and all means available, reverse corrupt thinking and/or behavior that results from the persuasive influence of a malevolent, toxic or otherwise destructive agent.
So just when we thought we had salvaged him from the darkness of his peer-group inspired conduct, we were out-done by a fucking Snatch-Chat ambush; let's just hope that we can undo the badness...
by YAWA August 4, 2017
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A very obscure character character from the Super Mario universe from Mario Paint. Duties include erasing the last figure made and dancing. It's appearance is a tan/brown dog with a thin black box on it's neck.
The undo dog's box could have symbolic meaning.
by Elderly Man December 5, 2005
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A word to describe a wigless pimp whom wig has been snatched by all the tea they have consumed in drama.
Our local pimp was undo-kweefed.
by TokyoTheBaddest December 4, 2018
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A seeker undo is a type of person who eats all the food at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday and doesn’t leave any for the birthday kid. These type of people also tend to beat children and become a simp for men. This species also hate Spider-Man fans.
Dude: I smelled a seeker undo from a mile away.

Other dude: bro what
by Spyrixm July 12, 2021
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A brutal fucking either Anal or regular.
Guy A: dude remember that girl from the bar

Guy B: yea

Guy A: I took her home last night and gave her a piston undo, she couldn't even get out of my bed this morning and kept complaining about how sore she was.
by Sourcherios December 28, 2010
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