The act of masturbating, pleasuring oneself sexually. Using one's own hand or other object to reach orgasm. It is easier for some people to say instead of "masturbation" which carries with it a negative connotation, particularly for women.
Many people are more comfortable saying they engaged in self pleasure rather than say they masturbated. She confessed to the priest that she pleasured herself sexually rather than that she masturbated. self-pleasure
by SweetSueRocks January 8, 2016
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A combination of the act of self pleasuring (masturbation) and self preservation (satisfying that intense need to release).
Lisa was very skilled in the art of self-pleasuration.

Frustrated over the lack of available men where she lives Glynette literally took matters into her own hands. The gorgeous, brown eyed, single mother of two perfected the art of self-pleasuration just to maintain her sanity.
by Maxelino Brando July 30, 2018
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masturbating oneself
"no sir" kevin replied meekly " i'm just wanking.
by theWestHamfan December 9, 2003
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A self pleasurer is a human being who you hire for a going rate of 5 cents a minute. She/he/it will grab you penis/vagina and masturbate the specific genital for you.
"Oh that self pleasurer called Savraj was a charmer," Said Henry.
by Master Bates 1000 April 24, 2016
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A self-charging hybrid, an invention of the automotive industry to fool wannabe greens that they are making a difference to climate change
Rex thought his new car was a game-changer, when it was simply a gas powered self-pleasuring hybrid
by Limbic Candy September 15, 2020
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Act done during masturbation. When about to cum, get up, start spinning as fast as you can whilst ejaculating and humming carnival music.
-Sorry I'm late, Mr.Smith, I had to clean up after doing the Carousel of Self Pleasure.
by Erick Pineapple August 30, 2017
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