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a norwegian name
means 'coming sun' the name for a well expected child
a boy's first name
sounds german, to some, or ukranian to others, but it has roots in norwegian stories instead
Everyone who's someone, has to believe your search functions aren't working Honiker
by Setsuko Kaguya December 11, 2018

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the idea that in lieu of better writing, only the fool with the pen could write that the pen was mightier than the sword, so due tell, when no one has swords, around, and everybody still writes or draws their thoughts in any way shape or form
hieroglyphics are characters of penmanship, and so all illustrative imagery, however symbollic in origins, can be classed as expressions of penmanship in varying degrees, styles and effectiveness.
penmanship may also refer to the ability to adhere to certain grammatical phrasings and word uses in narrowed down parts of the human race, demons
"I don't think you can grade me on this thing, and call it poor penmanship. my grandmother is a scholar in quebec, and she knows this checks out splendidly, she said. what standard are you holding me to, exatly?"
"I felt like I could understand ever passage you wrote, each connecting intricately to the other; remarkable penmanship, I'd have to say, and gladly do so, Steven..." "Gee! Thanks Mr. Miles!"
by Setsuko Kaguya October 02, 2016

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An ancient, ancient legend, dating back into japan's history, which goes back some millions of years, according to mainstream Japanese scholars, and often told of by others as untrue and unfoundable, set in for, history books have not been using the same calendar systems, so it doesn't not, check out.
The kanji for Godzilla's name spell godzilla itself, as any number of obscure readings from regions have always been accepted as mainstream Japanese, once learned about, and Japan's empire spans global sentiment going back hundreds of thousands of years, according to scholars worldwide.
The kanji is written 神鱠, and its reading come from the same roots as ours for god神, which that first kanji is of, meaning guardian or deity, in Japanese connotation, and the second, ocean lizard 鱠, again, sharing roots with the ancient, finer, narrower classifications of reptiles, called lizards, in many variant languages, and in this land, over more in mountain waters and sky scrapers, all history has tall towers, but sky scrapers, no such evil as can exist in tyrannical monstrosities without summoning a giant leviathan of great evil, like the draga Roda, who has a long history as a devil, himself.
In the summoning of these great monsters of the seas and skies and grounds below, the japanese were said to call on Godzilla, the guardian of Japan.
"This cannot be plausible! All people in Japan knew of Rodan! How could we make this mistake again?!" "Hurry! We MUST summon Godzilla!
by Setsuko Kaguya October 02, 2016

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the state of considering oneself nihonjin, a person of the empire of the red sun, or the language, nihongo日本語, tongue and pen of the red lighted kingdom below.
Nihon, or, Nippon, is the Japanese word for japan and all its brought about chains of colonies and kingdoms descended from conquerors and immigrants dating back some millions of years, or thousands, according to western references descended from European book burners and historical thieves and counterfeiters, as the Japanese would say, for using their OWN historical archives, and storytellers. The idea that a million million authors like the ref., 'greek, Homer' would not be credited by Japanese people, is unheard of, or mocked or responded to violently and vehemently, by these said japanese historians and scholars.
"To speak Japanese, nihongo, one must forget the use of one set of dictionary definitions, and learn to read and listen in kanji ideals, likening to the fact that one word, in the course of others, beside it, can paint infinite definitions, for its use not alone, but often well associated with olde japanese poems and ideals."
"The Japanese people, nihonjin, have long believed themselves to be the really, really, really interesting counterparts to everybody else's idea of broken languages, for in theirs will repair yours, quite readily, and many and more japanese people believe this to be true, always, for their languages have existed for untold, by some, but existed for millenia uncounted for countless ages, outside any modern calendar"
by Setsuko Kaguya September 30, 2016

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besting someone with that you had a trump card. "you activated my trap card," if the trap card was so valuable in play there that it changed the course of the game THERE, it was a trump card.
card, can refer to what you've used to act further into play
He had cards we didn't know about he kept trumping everyone at the table.
by Setsuko Kaguya December 24, 2018

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communication with spirits, if elements were intellectual and devils could be told, not to exist they're trying for it with you, the nothing that comes?
the idea that, lightning is idea, most surely definitely, and so could you be a lightning mage and bend, it at your will, or harness the static in another's mind, and send the bolt, electric, that he could need to think of something suddenly, his terrain his own, or that he would see you do it, here, was it real.
What sorcery is this? means, what are you trying to say to me? or where do you come from?
by Setsuko Kaguya December 11, 2018

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1. An english word for Love
but ex like time is space is music, you use and can it differently.
2. When referring to an entity, it is most commonly meaning one of 8 animal gods Cat(christian, child), Monkey, Wolf(chance), Mermaid(goddess), Reptile(yoda, frog), Father(man), Owl(l o r d), Hawk(darkness, witnessing, seer)
In the Name of God, you are Nothing for me...
What's all this love about the world without knowing it was God in name alone, you think?
by Setsuko Kaguya December 11, 2018

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