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A ugly nigga that wears the same shoes every day and dosent know his real parents his breath stank and loves Air Force ones
Your such a Solomon
by Solomon ugly February 11, 2019
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solomon is one of the people, that once you talk to them, you want it to last forever. hes an easy going charmer, he has a kinky side and he attracts many girls, luckily for him i have him WOOOO. hes also a dickhead sometimes but its safe to say i am extremely in love with this dickhead
girl: do u know solomon
me:yes hes the big cock guy xxx
by miss sunflower March 1, 2020
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When you joke about shooting up the school and you put screenshots on your Snapchat story and end up getting expelled
Yo dude I was on Minecraft last night with my dad and I think I may have solomoned
by BakedBunions February 4, 2019
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To propose a ludicrous solution to a dispute in order to gauge reactions and render a judgment justly.
Judge williams solomonized in family court to determine custody.
by AgentColdShadow January 1, 2009
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solomon is a light complected mexican . solomon can be very annoying at times but is chill to "hang around with"
99.9% of solomons are gay but yet very horny . solomon will do whatever it takes to fit in .people with this name tend to masturbate and finger themselves. be careful when around solomon for he will want to rape you and/or your children.
solomon was sentenced to 15 years in prison due to child molestation.
by Hugh G, Rection October 15, 2018
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