solomon is one of the people, that once you talk to them, you want it to last forever. hes an easy going charmer, he has a kinky side and he attracts many girls, luckily for him i have him WOOOO. hes also a dickhead sometimes but its safe to say i am extremely in love with this dickhead
girl: do u know solomon
me:yes hes the big cock guy xxx
by miss sunflower March 01, 2020
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A cute, funny, weird guy. Fun to be around
I think I like Solomon. He's such a great guy! <3
by Redbull.Lover November 21, 2016
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He is seriously funny, is a good gamer, totally lazy and sluggish. Not very good at long distance running, very king person also helpful. Helps other people other than himself
Girl 1 DO you know that guy?
Girl 2 Yeah, that Solomon he's a cutie
by Kangaroo1145 May 17, 2018
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To cut or slice something in half.
pizza "That slice was too large - I solomoned it."

"I went all solomon on that shit so I could share it with my friend."
by WiseOldKing October 23, 2009
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He has dark brown eyes, brown hair that changes shades depending on the season, a little tall, smells great and always popular with the ladies
Girl 1:Hey you know solomon

Girl 2: you mean my ex?

Girl 1: I was gonna tell you we were a thing

Girl 3: oh I know him he is super cute
by Solo the hetero sexual October 26, 2019
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A Solomon is a complicated person with a hard upbringing, and yet are one of the most amazing humans to rome the earth. They’re witty, funny, straight up honest, stupid crazy, and are genuinely a good soul. If you ever get to meet a Solomon be very greatful, in some way or another they always seem to impact your life once they are in it. They’re just beautiful like that.
I thought I was complete until I met Solomon.
by Hennessy Ortiz June 02, 2020
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A hilarious boy who knows just what to say to make you laugh, and can carry on a conversation for years. A Solomon is very wise and smart, without even trying to be. A Solomon can cheer you up in a second if you are sad, by making a joke or saying something sweet. A Solomon is also very athletic and kinda short, and could be very attractive.
by agajdjdjdjdjs November 24, 2019
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