A pointless form of communication in which one tries to send messages to people and talk about stuff, but is mainly replied with a stupid selfie. Every morning one has to send a picture to all 4 or 5 of their quote on quote streaks in hopes that they'll reply. Guys never break the streak. It's always the girls that break it. Snapchat sucks ass
Johnny: Hey, how was the test today?
Hot babe: sends picture of "good side" of face with tongue sticking out
Johnny: okay... How was school?

Hot babe: *doesnt reply*
Johnny: *Turns off snapchat* fuck this shit
by RoyalYoshi April 8, 2016
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A social media
The most common way for a fuckboy to message you
I'll snapchat you tonight babe😉
by Abbyy123 September 1, 2016
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A fairly stupid social media app, where teens emphasize how they are smoking weed, using e-cigs/real cigs, or drinking. When smoking, they'll blow the smoke in the camera lens. All this is just a petty attempt to seem cool, when in reality, they just come off as losers
Just go on {snapchat}, you'll see what I'm talking about
by CuntHole69 May 22, 2015
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A way girls can look pretty when they know they look ugly as hell.
Girl: Damn I need a boy *Goes on Snapchat*
by fick_me October 31, 2018
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A app that girls use to catfish boys with the doggie filter , flower filter , and the filter that makes ur face look smaller and skin look clearer.
Snapchat picture cute

Regular picture ugly
by Vdhe March 18, 2017
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A social media where ALL teens are. You can find them putting things like them smoking e-cigs/juul, drinking or partying with their friends on their stories. Snapchat is a place where every girl sends her nudes and every guy sends a dick-pic because they know you can only see the pic for a certain amount of time before it is "gone forever" You can see things like HMU, 11:11, LMP/LMR, RATE, SMASH OR PASS, TBH, AMOS etc on peoples stories. Teens have snapchat in an effort to look "cool" when they really look dumb as fuck irl. Teens use so many abreviations while chating (texting) or snapping (sending pics) it is almost like a new language. You have to send a random pic of something as long as you send it, everyday or else you lose your "streak" guys never loose streaks but the girls are always the ones.
Do you want to play a game on snapchat?

Sure but LMR on the gram first bc im almost at 200
nvm lets just srt

One sec I need to do my 11:11 wish on my story.
by tl_tl January 2, 2018
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