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You say "Socks on" Before sexual intercourse of the same sex to let your partner know that what they're about to do is no longer homosexual (Gay) therefore being Heterosexual (Straight). Make sure your partner and anyone else in the room puts their socks on, otherwise the act will be considered gay.
Dave: Socks on!
Zack: Socks on!
*They both put their socks on*
*Dave slowly and sensually undresses Zack*
ME: You get the picture, we don't need to go any further than that
by Woketh Loops August 04, 2018
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To confirm the act of sex being consensual. As it is not rape if you keep your socks on.
Sam: oh my god Chris raped me!

Dave: did he have his socks on?

Sam: yes.

Dave: then it's technically not rape...
by nice socks June 03, 2010
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