A variation of no cap but when you say something gay. Because everyone knows it's not gay if you have your socks on. No socks means it is intentionally gay. The opposite of no homo.
Hey, no socks but you are pretty cute bro.

No socks, I love Brendon Urie
by Lechuga1352 July 12, 2019
You say "Socks on" Before sexual intercourse of the same sex to let your partner know that what they're about to do is no longer homosexual (Gay) therefore being Heterosexual (Straight). Make sure your partner and anyone else in the room puts their socks on, otherwise the act will be considered gay.
Dave: Socks on!
Zack: Socks on!
*They both put their socks on*
*Dave slowly and sensually undresses Zack*
ME: You get the picture, we don't need to go any further than that
by Woketh Loops August 4, 2018
Used in Yorkshire-mainly Doncaster, means to be in a deep sleep
"Didn't hear you come in last night, must've been sock on"

by angelguy September 21, 2006
“im tempted to sock this bitch across the face”
“don’t test me, i’ll sock your ass”
“i really want to sock a hoe right now”
by explodedelmo August 26, 2019
A tool used by many young men while masturbating to catch ejaculations and prevent a mess
Did you hear that Johny always has an extra sock on so he can jerk off on the go?
by Ashkenazi420 June 19, 2019
Micheal likes to wear socks he came into and he calls it socking
by PickelRick February 10, 2022
things that go on your feet and should not be used otherwise.
my socks keep my FEET warm
by leah December 2, 2003