A tool used by many young men while masturbating to catch ejaculations and prevent a mess
Did you hear that Johny always has an extra sock on so he can jerk off on the go?
by Ashkenazi420 June 19, 2019
Device used to soak up any and all wet spots on the kitchen floor.
Ah dammit I stepped in another wet spot walking through the kitchen. Oh well, at least my sock dried it up.
by pfleeger2010 February 3, 2012
Term used to describe a hit using one's fists.
Shut up for I SOCK you in yo eye!
by Joshiro007 February 13, 2003
the name of this Non-Binary person I know.
person 1: have you seen Sock?
person 2: yeah they're right over there
by urgaydudesoamIletsbefriends October 24, 2020
Used to soak up a boy's jizz after he masturbated into it. Many boys masturbate with the sock over the penis, soaking the sock in warm water to simulate the feel of a warm vagina. Some masturbate and only use the sock right before they are about the ejaculate by inserting the dick in the sock right before orgasm. This is good as you dont have to worry where your man juice goes. Whatever way you use it, socks are awwsome when your a teenager who likes to have wanks.
Last night i felt like a fap but it was late at night and really dark. instead of trying to catch my jizz in the dark, I simply slipped on a sock over the throbbing penis and pumped away at it. I came all over the sock and the next morning i just chucked it in the laundry.
by Callum69 June 13, 2009
The name a non-binary person will give to anything including themselves
Whos that?
Oh that's socks.
by Socks.ghost August 24, 2020
People named sock are most likely non binary. They’re obviously super cool and a great person. Their jokes are elite.
Probably watches danganronpa though.
Woah they watch danganronpa and they’re super cool? They’re probably called Sock
by Nagito.Komaeda December 6, 2020