64 definitions by leah

1One of large stature
2He who has very broad shoulders
3Big fella
"look at that fella, he's a big unit, could call him a tank really"
by leah May 29, 2003
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1. N: A combination of retard and fuck
2. N: see fucktard
3. V: to fuck again; repeat fucking
2. I'm going to refuck you.
by leah October 14, 2004
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It's a flightless bird from Africa with four eyes and three and a half wings.
The Wri-Wri flew over the tree with the anarchist under it.
by leah October 16, 2004
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An awesome Paul Frank character...CROSS-BONES!
Woah....that skurvy shit is awesome!
by leah August 28, 2004
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a bro who's also a boy bimbo (aka a himbo)

y'know - kinda pretty, kinda dumb, kinda bro-ish
That kid thinks he's a hot shit hipster pretty boy but underneath it all he's still a total bro.
by leah April 18, 2005
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profanity: fuck
verb: to fuck
anything: fuck
1. dewt off!
2. I would like to dewt her!
3. dewter!
by leah December 20, 2004
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