64 definitions by leah

womans vag opening, when a man goes to eat her out
god damn that tuna taco!
by leah March 7, 2005
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things that go on your feet and should not be used otherwise.
my socks keep my FEET warm
by leah December 2, 2003
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A lesser known Calculus term, literally meaning a sudden change in acceleration, or a "jerk".
School Playground Bully: "Shut the fuck up and gimme yo money. And yo lunch, nigga."
Poor Playground Nerd: "Um, no hey! YOU shut up, you third derivative!"
<School Playground Bully runs away squealing like a little girl.>
by leah November 25, 2003
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An awesome Paul Frank character...CROSS-BONES!
Woah....that skurvy shit is awesome!
by leah August 27, 2004
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when two friends are both angry at each other, but neither one acknowledges it. therefore, they are fighting, but not really. popular among teenage girls.
haley:"i think meg and i are having a secret fight. she was totally flirting with my boyfriend at jake's party last night."

marie: "yeah, she said she was mad that you were dating him. you guys didn't talk about it? you must be having a secret fight..."
by leah August 24, 2007
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