What is the fucking point in looking up the definition for sock you sad dumbass!!!
Why the fuck are you still looking for Sock!?!
by S.A.C January 22, 2014
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1. A piece of cloth hosiery for one's foot, usually constructed of cotton.
2. A term for an inverted anus that hangs from the buttocks, resulting from years of anal sex and abuse.

1. To hit forcefully; punch.
1. Before I put on my shoes, I put on my socks.
2. As a consequence of years of anal pounding, Bruce's asshole is now a droopy, withered sock

1. If you don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to sock you.
by Rew January 07, 2005
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A pair of footwear. One of them usually go missing in the wash...
Annie! It's the Lint Monster again! He's stolen our socks!
by Erin Wolf The Werewolf December 27, 2003
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"Dude, she's a ho, you'd better use a sock."
by x January 22, 2003
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1. An evil race of alien masterminds.

2. A item of clothing for the feet.

3. The thing that mothers dread washing.

4. A low budget condom.

1. "The world has been overrun by socks."

2. "These socks are fucking incredible."

3. "Jesus Christ! You can wash your own bloody socks!"
"No way mum, they stink."
"Well they're only gonna get worse!"

4. "Oh shit, I lost my C-card, I'll have to use my socks.
by mykitchendoor April 14, 2008
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A protocol for handling TCP traffic through a proxy server. It can be used with virtually any TCP application, including Web browsers and FTP clients. It provides a simple firewall because it checks incoming and outgoing packets and hides the IP addresses of client applications.

There are two main versions of SOCKS -- V4 and V5. V5 adds an authentication mechanism for additional security. There are many freeware implementations of both versions. One of the most common V5 implementations is SOCKS5, developed by NEC.
Before I attempted to hack that server, I connected through multipe SOCKS proxies.
by Qbert July 30, 2004
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1. The name for a man's unmentionables (synonyms: balls, penis)
2. The things that go on your feet that you can NEVER find the match to (synonyms: foot covers, foot tubes)
I couldn't find my other blue socks.
by slangtalker October 22, 2010
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