to punch somebody (usually in the face). Used back in the day, by a lot of white people.

by mathteach77 January 30, 2006
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Title of a hard-hitting, original crime novel by Penn Jillette (the louder, bigger half of the magic/comedy team of Penn & Teller), containing raw, realistic imagery that remains burned in one's mind long after mere disturbing dreams have been forgotten.
Got my copy of *Sock* today and just can't stop reading it.
by Rachaelle July 22, 2004
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the combination of the words "suck" and "cock". Short way to implicate oral sex.
Hey hoe, sock me.

Rick "wow, nicco and jake are gross."
Alfredo "why's that?"
Rick "they always sock each other."
Alfredo " that's pretty gay."
by Afeo July 16, 2010
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1. A garment worn on the foot.
2. A temporary device for contraceptive purposes.
3. someting u use if you want to keeep your bed clean.
1. Mum , whares my sock.
2. No, use contraceptives
ok, ill use a sock
3. Mum, im using a sock, you dont have to clean the sheets.
by captain will October 14, 2005
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Usually white or black colored garments that go on your feet.
Those are ugly designed socks.
by Da Hoodsta Balla July 29, 2005
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Actually "que es lo que es" but pronounced S.O.C.K.S

It means "It is what it is"
P1: Stupid car
P2: S.O.C.K.S

P3: i hate that color though!
P4: que es lo que es
by OriginalXmsteel September 26, 2009
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